Transcript of David Wilson’s Press Conference

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TSL was at David Wilson’s press conference on Monday when he discussed his
commitment to Virginia Tech. We have the transcript of that interview, as well
as short conversations with his mother and high school coach.

During the opening part of the press conference, Wilson addressed all of the
media, who were free to ask him questions. The following is a transcript of the
entire interview with Wilson, which was over 10 minutes in length.

narrowing his list before school started:

“I was getting a lot of mail, and a lot of phone calls. And a lot of
visits. It was very important to narrow it down before school started. But
making an early decision is a personal choice. Some people might want to wait
until later, some might want to do it earlier. I just thought it would fit me,
and I knew where I wanted to go, so there was no need to hold out.”

On why he chose Virginia Tech:

“You go to all these difference campuses, and they all have great
buildings, great facilities. It’s just the people in the buildings that make the
colleges different. I felt comfortable up there with the people.”

On his relationship with Bryan Stinespring and Billy Hite:

“My relationship with Coach Stinespring started really early during the
season. He came to watch me play in a game. I’m just real comfortable with him.
He writes me letters. He came to the school, as other coaches did. I just
clicked with him real quick.”

“Coach Hite…he’s got a one of a kind personality (laughter from the
Wilson family). He’s a great guy. I can really see him being my coach.”

On having former GW players Cam Martin, Orion Martin and Kenny Lewis at Tech:

“It shows me that people from Danville, to have them as examples ahead
of me, I know kind of what to expect for myself. That sets some kind of
guidelines for me to follow.