Friday Football Q&A (Thursday Edition): July 3, 2008

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Since tomorrow is the Fourth, we’re bringing you a special Thursday edition
of Friday Q&A. We’re including two more questions than usual as a Holiday
treat, including one about Seth Greenberg’s basketball team. Raleigh Hokie and
Chris Coleman are the contributors for this week’s Q&A.

Have a question you’d like to see answered? Email it to Chris at [email protected].

1) What is it going to take for VT to have an offense capable of going all
the way to a National Championship? Will Beamer allow development of a
top-notch offense?

Raleigh Hokie: I don’t think we will see a dramatic change in offensive
philosophy as long as Frank Beamer is the head coach. More than anything,
coaches are very strong in their beliefs, especially the successful coaches like
Frank Beamer. And at the core of his beliefs is an offensive philosophy
based primarily on a tough, physical running game. Everything in the
scheme works off of that as the baseline. The highlight of practice each
week is the middle drill, where the toughness of the running game is developed
opposite the toughness of the lunchpail defense.

Given that, the key to unlocking the offense is to rebuild success with
the running game. It hasn’t been there for a few years now and
without it the offense has lacked an identity. The problems of
the offensive line have been discussed and well documented, but that’s where it
all starts, particularly with the style of running game on which this
offense is based. It was evident in the spring that Frank Beamer has
recommitted his program to developing a strong running game — one that can get
the tough yards inside, control the ball, and pound it into the end zone.

In my mind, a top-notch offense can be achieved
several ways and from a fan perspective, one approach over
the another lies in the eye of the beholder. For Frank Beamer
and VT, a top-notch offense has to be Top 20 in terms of rushing
offense. Everything else — the ability to stretch the field and hit big
plays off of play-action — works off of having a high caliber running...