Friday Football Q&A: June 27, 2008

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Did Virginia Tech miss its opportunity for a National
Championship in 1999? How does Joseph “Ju-Ju” Clayton fit into
Tech’s plans at quarterback? And finally, how does Tech’s depth compare to
that of other programs? Raleigh Hokie and Chris Coleman tackle these
questions in this week’s Friday Q&A.

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1) Because of our offensive shortcomings, has VT missed its window of
opportunity of winning a national championship (considering we’ve had top 10
defenses over the past 4 seasons and that’s not easy to replicate)? Not
to mention Bud Foster will most likely will be moving into a head coaching
position in the foreseeable future.

Raleigh Hokie: The program is well established now, so I believe the
opportunities for great seasons will continue for the foreseeable future.
Of course, winning a college football national championship is a very tough
thing to do and it requires the stars to align from many different angles.
And it takes a little bit of luck along the way. Having said that, I think
Tech is well positioned to continue to challenge for an ACC title year
after year. To have a shot at the big prize, winning the conference
championship is a mandatory first step and the Hokies have shown a
consistent ability to position themselves as a serious player for the ACC title
year after year.

While much of the puzzle is in place, there are some things that are needed
to get over that last hurdle. Rebuilding quality depth along the offensive
line is the highest priority and that process has started over the last couple
of years. Maintaining stability with the coaching staff is another very
important priority. Losing Bud Foster would be a setback for sure because
he is the face of one of the key identities of the program — the lunchpail
defense. That culture is one of the cornerstones of the program
and it would be a difficult adjustment if things had to go in a
different direction. Should he move on, then promoting a guy like Charley
Wiles would be one way to continue that identity with as minimal an impact
as possible.

Of course, Frank Beamer will never get too far away from the
mindset he has