2006-07 Financial Report: ACC Gives Hokie Finances a Huge Boost

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Now that the buzz over the softball team’s excellent season
(finished 8th in the final softball polls) has passed and the injuries to
two key runners for the women’s track team has put the damper on what was also a
great season for them, it’s time for the 2007 update of the Virginia Tech
Athletics financial information.

As noted in prior years, the following caveats and comments
are made:

  • The 2007 data includes the 2006 football
    seasons and the 2006/2007 basketball season
  • There can be various differences between
    current and prior year numbers within the same school depending on how the
    school chooses to present its reports

For this report I did more extensive research on other
schools both in and out of the ACC. The information for Virginia Tech, UVA and
other Virginia public colleges and universities is derived from the published
NCAA reports on the Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts web site. The
information for other schools is derived from the U.S. Government’s Office of
Postsecondary Education (located at http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/main.asp). The
government information database apparently contains various degrees of reporting
differences among major categories within the reporting parameters of the NCAA
reports for all of the schools.

I originally compiled an elaborate spreadsheet comparing many
items among various schools. But, presenting too much information at once will
tend to turn off many readers because of the volume of data. So, I decided to
compress some of the data on the other schools to make the document more concise
and readable. If you want to know more details, you can visit the government web
site previously noted.

For this report, I have presented the past three years for
both Virginia Tech and UVA. In the first presentation the Virginia Tech numbers
are presented for the past 3 years and a report of the changes between the 2007
and 2006 years are also reported.