Five Years Ago Today

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years ago today, Virginia Tech was invited to join the ACC. The Hokies didn’t
sign on the dotted line until July 1, 2003, and Tech didn’t become a full member
of the conference until a year later, but June 24, 2003 is the day to mark on
your calendar and to celebrate, because that’s the day the ACC head honchos
finally caved in and voted to offer admission to the Hokies.

Five years. It’s hard to believe. The process was shrouded in secrecy and
mystery back then, and half a decade later, it still is. As monumental an
occurrence as ACC expansion was, the world is still waiting on the definitive
tell-all book, a chronicle of what really happened. Alas, if we don’t
have it by now, I would think we’re never going to get it.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In the information age, when anything you
want to know is as close as a web browser logged on to Wikipedia, it’s
refreshing to have an event that is still shrouded in mystery. At 43 years of
age, I remember a time when information wasn’t at your fingertips, when
“I don’t know” was still an acceptable answer, and when, for
example, you could never quite remember the name of that actor that played that
guy in that movie … and you had no way of looking it up, either.

Granted, ACC expansion isn’t a complete mystery. We know a lot about
what went on. But we don’t know everything. As the years go by, that will add to
the romance of the event, as our remembrances become faded in blurry sepia

Even the Internet isn’t an infallible resource. Our “Hokie News”
Daily Newslink is an awesome resource for archived articles and information
resources. You can access archived articles on a daily basis, selecting any day
in the past to see what articles we linked to that day. But by the summer of
2005, just two years after ACC expansion, almost half the ACC expansion articles
we linked to in the spring and summer of 2003 had disappeared or been deleted,
victims of online newspapers’ notoriously bad archiving of past material.

Then, in September of 2005, a horrendous month-long crash of the web site caused (among other things) all Hokie News data prior
to June 1, 2005 to be deleted. Not only