Friday Football Q&A: June 20, 2008

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This week’s Friday Q&A deals with Virginia
Tech’s offense. Raleigh Hokie and Chris Coleman talk about what has caused the
offense to struggle in the past, and why it should be improved in 2008.

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1) The offense will have to carry this team at
least until the middle portion of the schedule when the defensive players should
have obtained experience and be able to be more consistent. Although the
offense played well during the latter portion of the 2007 schedule, are the
parts available (current players, incoming freshman, offensive staff and
philosophy) in order for this offense to be consistently good?

Raleigh Hokie:
Let’s hope so. I believe the philosophy and structure of the offense are
in-place to produce, but the bottom line is that the results have not been there
on a consistent basis, particularly the last two years. It’s no secret
that the primary issue was upfront with the offensive line. For a major
Div 1 program, the offensive line was sub-par. There were good players at
a few positions, but as a whole the line was limited and lacked the overall
talent needed to consistently win those interior battles on a consistent
basis. Losing Ed Wang last fall was devastating because there was
absolutely no room for error — to have any chance at all, those starting five
had to stay healthy and play almost every snap. Then Wang is injured
before the season starts, leaving an unfillable hole along the
front wall. With no reliable depth, the only option was to plug in a
guy that wasn’t ready. Add to that the inexperience at tight end, the lack
of depth at running back, and the growing pains at quarterback and it’s easy to
see why the offense “didn’t click” on a consistent basis.