Friday Football Q&A: June 13, 2008

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In this week’s edition of the Friday Q&A, Raleigh Hokie and TSL
recruiting analyst Chris Horne are the participants. Raleigh answers questions
about the next Virginia Tech head coach, and what the tight end position has in
store for us this year. Horne talks about the impact of early commitments on
recruiting and college football.

If you’ve got a question you’d like to see answered in the future, send it to
[email protected].

1) Is there any indication as to how long Frank Beamer intends to
coach? Whenever that happens, do you see the Hokies promoting from within
or going outside the program to find a new head coach?

Raleigh Hokie: I haven’t seen any indications one way or the
other. I believe it was last year that Coach Beamer said he would
continue to coach as long as he enjoyed it and his health was good.
Of course, contracts and things of that nature can be factors as well, but Coach
Beamer has established himself in a very unique position, so I suspect he
will continue to coach for quite a few more years.

When the time comes, I think there will be two camps established to find his
replacement. One camp will nominate an internal candidate while
the other camp searches for the best possible fit from the outside.
This decision will not be made in a vacuum and it’s very likely that
Coach Beamer will have considerable influence in the process. Of
course, the AD holds the authority to make the final decision and that
dynamic could change quite significantly if Jim Weaver were to leave
his post prior to Coach Beamer retiring.

There will be lot of influential people involved behind the scenes, all
lining up behind their favorite choice. There will be a huge
push to promote someone from the current staff, but in the end I
think an outside candidate will get offered first, particularly if Jim
Weaver is still in-place as the AD. I don’t think he has an issue with
promoting from within, but it’s more his style to look to the outside

If an offer to the top outside candidate doesn’t work out, then I
think the position will be offered to one of the coaches on the current

2) How will the TE’s factor into the offense this year,