Friday Football Q&A: June 6, 2008

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We are back with another session of Friday Q&A! This week, Raleigh Hokie
talks about Georgia Tech’s new option attack, as well as Virginia Tech and the
toss sweep. Chris Coleman talks about the chances of true freshmen earning
playing time at wide receiver this season.

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[email protected].

1) Have we faced anyone recently who runs a triple-option offense like Paul
Johnson’s at Navy? I’m not sure how our defense will look against the
new GT and his unique offense. The last opponent that I remember who ran
an offense like his was Air Force in 2002.

Raleigh Hokie: I believe Air Force was the last true option opponent, so
it’s been awhile. It is a concern because it forces the defense to play
very differently for that one week of the season. Normally, the idea is to
attack the line of scrimmage, pursue, and swarm the ball. Against the
option, the defense cannot play that way. Each defender has
to maintain discipline to a specific assignment. It will be
a challenge, but VT has a very experienced coaching staff and they
know how to prepare their players for an option-heavy offense.

For 2008, I suspect Georgia Tech’s offense to be very inconsistent
in executing a style of offense that many of their players will
be learning for the very first time. For it to work, there has to be
quick, precise execution from all eleven players and that will be tough to
achieve the first year. As the execution improves (and as Johnson recruits
the players he wants to fit that system), then that offense will become
more challenging for ACC defenses that are not used to seeing
it. On the other hand, Georgia Tech’s defense is going to suffer a bit
because it will be more difficult for their offense/scout teams to prepare
them for more conventional style offenses during practice.

2) As a run first offense, why does VT not run the quick pitch or toss
sweep? When Bill Dooley was here, that was the bread and butter of the
Tech offense. We sure have had the tailbacks and fullbacks for it.

Raleigh Hokie: Those plays are in the playbook, but they are not used as
frequently as in the past. One of the reasons has been the growing...