Beamer’s Best Seasons

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Tech has gone to 15 bowl games in a row. It’s gotten to the point that a trip to
the Gator Bowl is somewhat disappointing for many people, whereas in 1994 it was
considered a huge success. Some years have been better than others, and
different people hold certain seasons in higher regard than others for their own
personal reasons.

I have my own idea of which seasons were Frank Beamer’s best coaching jobs,
but for right now, let’s use some numbers. For the sake of argument, let’s use
the same numbers that we use for our Rating the Recruiting Class articles. Here
is how those numbers will work.

Each season will get 2 points per win, 25 points for a conference
championship, 15 points for making a non-BCS bowl, 10 points for winning a non-BCS
bowl, 25 points for a BCS bowl, 25 points for winning a BCS bowl, 50 points for
playing for the National Championship, and finally, 10 points for beating

I threw out the points earned for beating Miami. That’s still included in our
Rating the Recruits series, but let’s face it, beating Miami is more impressive
at certain times than at others. Tech’s 1996 win at Miami was impressive. In
2007, not so much. Beating Virginia is important every year, for in-state
recruiting purposes.

With that in mind, here is how the numbers worked out.

Frank Beamer’s Best Seasons
(using numerical rankings)