Friday Football Q&A: April 25, 2008

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After taking last Friday off because we were busy preparing for the TSL
Spring Game Tailgate, we are back with another Q&A session with Raleigh
Hokie and Chris Coleman. This week they’ll discuss the 2-quarterback system,
pass protection by running backs, and offensive line recruiting.

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[email protected].

Although the two quarterback system could be labeled a success last year, it
is felt this arrangement cannot consistently be successful during a full season.
It appears the coaching staff is attempting to be fair concerning the
competition; however, is there an undercurrent for Taylor to make significant
strides in order to make him the starter?

Raleigh Hokie: Not to my knowledge.
I think the coaches are giving both a fair shot to win the starting job and
their preference is for one of them to clearly secure that position. The
difficulty is that each brings a completely different set of strengths and
weaknesses to the table.

As a RS-Sr, the coaches already know what they have in Glennon (did you know
that Sean Glennon is Tech’s first RS-Sr QB with two years of starting
experience since Maurice DeShazo in 1994?). The biggest question with him is
what impact all the new WR’s will have on his effectiveness in the passing
game. Chemistry between the QB and his receivers is very important, especially
for a pocket QB like Glennon. He is at his best when executing the timed passing
game, but that takes a high level of execution on both ends. That’s a big step
for all of those young WR’s. All of Glennon’s experience, know-how, and
ability to read defenses may not matter as much if the receivers are not on the
same wave length. And Glennon has struggled some this spring, particularly in
the scrimmages.

Obviously, Taylor has the bigger