2008 TSL Audio: The Len Martez Show, 2/13/08

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Len Martez and TSL’s Chris Coleman talked about the 2008 Tech football schedule yesterday, and discussed if it suits fans’ desires and VT’s goal of a national championship. Do the Hokies need to schedule harder or easier? After that debate, they moved on to talk about next year’s Tech football team and the challenges it faces, and then wrapped it up with a basketball discussion (WMA format, compatible with Windows Media Player and MP3 players, 3.1 MB, 13:09).

The Len Martez Show airs every afternoon from 4:00-6:00 pm on ESPN Radio 1430 AM in Blacksburg.

Click below to listen to this audio interview.

Note to subscribers: We often receive emails asking us to transcribe our audio content. We choose not to do this for two reasons: (1) It would take a lot of time to transcribe even short interviews; and (2) the purpose of TSL Audio is to provide Hokie-related content in an alternative format. Our primary focus remains our articles and message boards, and we view TSL Audio as bonus content that is not essential but may be of interest to those who are able and willing to take advantage of it. We’re sorry that we’re not able to provide all of our content in formats that all of our readers can use, but this is our policy regarding TSL Audio.

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