Worst … BCS … Ever

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After this year’s BCS pairings were announced, there was much discussion on
television, in newspapers and on the internet about the BCS system, its pluses
and minuses, and what should be done. There’s no perfect system, and there never
will be. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone should sit around and accept
some of the obvious faults of the BCS.

I’m not a radical who makes rash, quick judgments. The BCS has existed since
1998, and I’ve never had strong opinions on it until this year. This year
however, I got pretty upset about some of its obvious flaws.

This article covers a few of those flaws, and also talks about a playoff
system that so many people want to see implemented. And since I think it’s
unfair to criticize voters without sticking my own neck out there, I’ll give my
own Top 10.

Should the Coaches’ Poll be Included in the BCS?

A lot was made of how some coaches voted in the final USA Today Coaches’ Poll
ballots. In the end, those coaches with teams still in contention for the
National Championship Game were inclined to vote their team higher.

For example, Frank Beamer voted Virginia Tech second, higher than any other
coach ranked the Hokies. Beamer had VT behind only LSU, who beat Tech back in
September. Bob Stoops voted his Oklahoma Sooners #1, one of just two coaches to
do so. Stoops also had Big 12 teams Missouri at #3 and Kansas at #4. Those are
just a couple of examples.

Then there is Florida Atlantic coach Howard Schnellenberger’s ballot, which
literally made me laugh out loud. Here is his Top 16. You’ll see why I ended
with #16 in just a second.

Howard Schnellenberger’s Top 16




Ohio State