2007 Monday Thoughts: The ACC Champs

As the message board rolled over at a hundred miles an hour last night,
discussing VT’s bowl bid, BCS rank, and bowl opponent, I was struck by how
little time we had to enjoy the win over Boston College and Virginia Tech’s
second ACC championship. The Hokies had closed out BC and added another great
chapter to Virginia Tech football history, but barely a day later, the game had
been pushed into the background. What a shame.

That’s the nature of the last game of the season. This game is different from
the first 12 — obviously — for two reasons: (1) the Orange Bowl bid and BCS
ranking follow-up deserves discussion; and (2) this game is the end of a
season-long journey, not just another game on the schedule.

Before we move on to that stuff, though, Monday Thoughts will be about this

Meat Grinder

That’s the best way I can describe this game. At my age (42), having watched
20+ years of Hokie football in person, and having worked on Hokie
Central/TechSideline.com for 11 years, and having taken a more analytical
approach to games because of that, I don’t get as worked up as I used to.

But conference championships get me worked up. I was worked up during
Tech’s 2004 game with Miami, Tech’s 2005 ACC Championship Game vs. FSU, and on
Saturday. I was living and dying with every first down, every good and bad play
call, and every little blunder or oversight by the ABC commentators and
production crew. I was worked up. It was a meat-grinder of a game for me,
no other way to put it.

The first quarter didn’t help my Maalox conservation effort any. BC marched
effortlessly down the field on the Hokie defense, and the supreme confidence
I’ve had in the Hokies since the Georgia Tech victory melted away.

Boston College’s first four offensive possessions went like this — this is
ugly, if you’re a Hokie.

First Four Possessions





1st 11 62 4:51 Blocked FG
2nd 8 58 2:48 Lost on downs
3rd 16 59 6:34 Field goal
4th 7 74 2:49 Touchdown
Totals 42 253 17:02