UNC Game Analysis: A Work in Progress

Another ACC opener. And another ACC victory for the Hokies. But it was also
another game that left everyone asking a lot of questions, particularly about
the sputtering offense. After all, this was a young UNC team coming off a
lopsided loss at South Florida. (Don’t those guys have something nice brewing
down there in Tampa?).

It wasn’t quite that easy for the Hokies. Surviving a fourth quarter that was
totally dominated by the Tar Heels, the Hokies held on to escape with a hard
fought 17-10 victory. Once again, it was a good win, but it left everyone
feeling a bit uneasy, especially with a visit to Clemson looming on the horizon.

So, what did this game tell us? I watched the replay several times and picked
up on a few things, but there are still many areas that remain inconclusive
about this team. With most teams, five games are more than enough to get a good
read. That’s not the case with the 2007 Hokies. The decision to go with a true
freshman QB after two games created a system reset and the reboot cycle hasn’t
completed just yet.

Of course, most of the questions and concerns revolve around the offense, so
let’s begin the game analysis on that side of the ball.