Keys to the Game and Matchups to Watch: ECU

Finally, football season has arrived and Virginia Tech will open with the
most emotional opener in Hokie history. Lots of storylines surround this game
with ESPN College Gameday visiting Blacksburg and covering the pre-game
ceremonies which will draw a national audience. The initial entrance of the team
to “Enter Sandman” is always an uplifting event, but no entrance will ever mean
as much as this year’s trip through the tunnel.

However, with all the fanfare and emotion of the opening ceremonies, a
football game still must be played. The overall key to this game, for both
teams, will likely be how the players handle the emotion and maintain their
focus on their individual assignments. Virginia Tech has played in many big
games, but no game has had the same impact as this game and the players must
maintain their concentration and not let the emotion of the game overwhelm their
play. Watch the execution for both teams early in the game and see if needless
penalties occur and assignments are missed.

Keys to the Game