Football Update: Big Questions to be Answered This Week

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big news is that Tyrod Taylor has been elevated to the #2 quarterback spot for
the time being, and Ike Whitaker is working at wide receiver only. The coaching
staff wants to evaluate Taylor with the #2 offense instead of the #3 offense, to
better determine whether or not he should play this season.

This is a very tough decision for the coaching staff, and you can tell they
are nowhere close to making up their minds. The first thought that comes to mind
is that Tyrod can redshirt, but still serve as the #2 quarterback and play in an
emergency situation, such as Sean Glennon in 2005. However, this situation is

Tyrod Taylor is a true freshman quarterback, whereas Sean Glennon had a year
in the system in 2005. If Glennon goes down with an injury this year, and Taylor
is truly the #2 quarterback, he would have to play. You don’t want him to have
no game experience, especially if Glennon gets hurt late in the season against
Florida State, Georgia Tech, or some such team.

If Taylor is the #2 quarterback, then he needs to play against teams like
Ohio, William & Mary, and maybe ECU if the score dictates. He doesn’t need
to be pressed into action against a big time team with no game experience. If
they decide to redshirt Tyrod, then they need to keep it on him all season,
except in an extreme emergency.

Also, if Taylor plays, the staff will create a scaled down playbook for him,
extremely scaled down, in fact. Limited formations, limited reads, and not very
many plays. His progression over the next week will tell the tale.

Whether he redshirts or not, Taylor has already come in and forced his way
past Ike Whitaker, whom many thought should be starting for Tech this year. And
now, he is also ahead of Cory Holt on the depth chart, a guy who is entering his
fourth year in the program. That’s a good sign for the