Ranking Tech’s Quarterback Play, 1993-2006

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Recently TSL published an article that ranked the offensive lines in the
Beamer Bowl Era from top to bottom. That article was pretty well received, so we
figured it would be fun to do the same thing for every unit. It’s inexact, and
just one person’s opinion, but hey, there isn’t much else to talk about on June
5. So let’s kick things off by taking a look at Tech’s quarterbacks from

The Hokies have been mostly known for their mobile, athletic quarterbacks
during the Beamer Bowl Era. It’s no secret that Frank Beamer prefers to have a
quarterback that can escape pressure and make plays with his feet. The last two
times the Hokies have started a pocket passer without much mobility were 2001
and 2006. Grant Noel started in 2001 because Michael Vick left early, and Sean
Glennon became the starter by default in 2006 after Marcus Vick was kicked off
the team.

Opinions are varied on how to judge a quarterback. Passing efficiency?
Touchdown to interception ratio? Passing yards? And of course, because so many
past VT quarterbacks have been runners, all VT quarterbacks are now partially
judged on how many plays they make with their feet, fairly or unfairly.

Here’s my list of the top quarterbacks of the Beamer Bowl Era. Actually, it’s
more like a rating the best quarterback play on a season-by-season basis. Here’s
the list…

Quarterback Years of the Beamer Bowl Era
Player Year Comp.-Att. Percentage Yards