Scrimmage Report: Glennon Looking Good

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Reports out of Blacksburg over the last couple of weeks have indicated that Sean Glennon not only has a stranglehold on the starting quarterback position, but that he’s separating himself from the field. Those reports seem accurate based on the performances of the three quarterbacks in Tuesday afternoon’s scrimmage in Lane Stadium.

The offense ran very smoothly with Glennon at the helm on Tuesday, and the rising r-junior not only made plays with his arm, but with his feet as well. Yellow jerseys are off the quarterbacks this spring, which means they are fair game for defenders. That didn’t deter Glennon on a couple of occasions during the scrimmage.

On one play, Orion Martin came free up the middle on a stunt. Glennon looked to be dead meat in the pocket, but he scrambled to his left and beat all oncoming defenders to a point outside the pocket. While scrambling to his left, he fired a perfect bullet to Josh Morgan over the middle, which the senior receiver turned into a big gain. Scrambling to his left and making a perfect throw under pressure is a very difficult play for a right-handed quarterback to make, but Glennon made it with perfect precision.

On another play in the same series, Brandon Flowers came off the edge untouched on a cornerback blitz. He had Glennon dead to rights, but the All-American cornerback never got a hand on him. Glennon got around Flowers and rolled to his right, and heaved a fade to Josh Morgan up the field, but it was overthrown. Despite the incompletion, Glennon beat the pressure and made the correct throw against one-on-one coverage downfield.

Besides those two plays, there were several other occasions where Glennon showed that he could feel the oncoming rush and get rid of the football, traits he didn’t show often last season.

Perhaps the best executed play of the day was pulled off by Glennon and Morgan. Needing about four yards to pick up a first down, the play call was a short drop and quick out to the sticks. Glennon fired a perfect pass with perfect timing to Morgan, who caught the ball cleanly and stepped out of bounds about six inches past the first down marker. Perfectly executed play, and great timing from the passer and receiver.

If Glennon could be criticized for anything today, it would be his timing on the deep ball. He seemed to deliver them a split second too late or early, although in his defense he had to deliver one very early because