Spring Practice Update: The QBs and OL

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Four practices into Spring Football, some trends are emerging. The QB battle
that has been dramatized this spring hasn’t developed, and the offensive line is
a major area of focus. Some players on the OL are stepping up, others have
something to prove, and still others are on course but still a year or so away.
We talked to a couple of observers close to the program to find out some info on
what’s happening this spring, and here’s their take on what’s going down.

portion of the fan base, if the message boards are to be believed, thinks that a
quarterback competition is going on. Not yet, and maybe not all spring. Sean
Glennon beat out Ike Whitaker last August for the job, and since then, the gap
has widened.

In the last couple of months, Ike Whitaker has re-evaluated his life, gotten
the necessary treatment for alcoholism, and put on 28 pounds. But from a
football standpoint, he has stood still since last August, perhaps even
regressing a little bit as he worked on his issues.

One observer of Monday’s practice told us that Whitaker had a
“rough” day throwing the ball. He missed receivers on the outside,
throwing the ball over their heads on occasion, and the quality of his throws
was inconsistent, wobbling at times. In 7-on-7 pass skeletons, Whitaker threw
one ball over the middle that wobbled and hit Xavier Adibi right in the chest.
On another play, with his receivers covered, Ike tucked the ball, ran around the
end, and simply dropped it, untouched.

We’re told that Ike’s struggles yesterday with the passing game are
representative of all of the early spring practices for him. He’s battling with
inconsistency, and it sounds as if he’s rusty. The time off and the extra weight
(28 pounds is a lot of weight) are making it tough for him to get back to where
he was last spring and fall, from a passing standpoint.

Glennon played 13 games last fall while Whitaker played very little, creating
a huge experience gap. Once the season was over, Glennon went to work in the...