Eleven Years Later, Hokies Finally Get a Decent Seed

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Boy, this brings back memories. 11 years ago today, TechSideline.com was
launched as “Will Stewart’s Hokie Sports Home Page.” Clever name that,
and for months, the “site” resided on my personal directory on the
NRVNet (honk if you remember that ISP) web site. To this day, I remember the
address: http://www.nrvnet.com/~wstewart/.
Don’t bother clicking that, because it doesn’t go anywhere anymore.

11 years ago, on March 12, 1996, that click took you to my first-ever update
on Virginia Tech sports, a
venom-filled rant
on Virginia Tech’s NCAA tournament seeding. (Trivia: I
don’t capitalize “tournament,” because “NCAA tournament”
isn’t the official name of the tourney. Its official name is the “NCAA
Men’s Basketball Division 1 Championship.” But I digress.)

March 12, 1996, I was ticked for several reasons. The Hokies, featuring the
charismatic Ace Custis, had been ranked as high as #8 during the season and were
ranked #16 at the time the tournament was selected and seeded. A #9 seed seemed
brutally low.

Not only was the seeding low, but VT was matched up against Wisconsin-Green
Bay in the first round (yawn … I’m getting very sleepy and bored), and the
Hokies faced a second-round matchup with the mighty Wildcats of Kentucky.
Kentucky was the overall #1 seed and favorites to win the national championship,
which they did.

All in all, a bad seed, a boring first-round matchup, and a date with a
steamroller in the second round. Nothing to be happy about.

11 years later, a lot has changed. I’ve watched the web site grow
exponentially, gotten married, built a house, had three children, bought two
cars, sold two, and totaled another. The cat’s still around, but that’s the only
thing that hasn’t changed.

Virginia Tech basketball