More Observations from Tampa

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Well that was disappointing. To watch your favorite team lose a game at
the free throw line is as frustrating in person as it is on television.
Our seats directly behind the basket gave us a unique view of the horror show —
for every Tech free throw that clanked badly off the rim, there were two NC
State free throws that swished cleanly through the net.

Late in the game,
the State players were struggling to walk up and down the court, but sometimes
being that tired helps the concentration. That certainly seemed to be
the case today because State’s free throw shooting was clean and
pure. State easily beat the Hokies the first two times they played
this year, but Tech had their chances today. They just couldn’t get
over the hump. Well, on to Selection Sunday and the NCAA Tournament…..

More observations from Tampa:

  • UNC fans continue to multiply. It was a home-like atmosphere for the
    Tar Heels against BC, even with many of the neutral fans pulling hard for
    the Eagles.
  • The attendance was a little better today, but once again, it was not
    completely full today. Probably hit a bit over 80% for the UNC/BC
    game, but the upper levels at each end still had a number of empties.
    Some of the UNC fans left after their game, but most stayed around to watch
    the State/VT game.
  • Surprisingly (at least to me), almost all of the UNC fans around us were
    rooting for State. Even though State is a huge rival, the UNC fans
    were more interested in state pride today (and ACC old-guard pride).
    It was noted all season how the Big Four was no longer dominant in ACC hoops
    — well, with UNC/State in the championship game, they are making a strong
    statement that they aren’t dead quite yet.
  • Funniest moment of the day occurred when the Hokie pep band and
    cheerleaders broke out a rendition of the Hokie Pokie. (Editor’s note:
    It’s actually spelled “Hokey Pokey,” but we’ll let it slide
    Some UNC fans in our section joined in and had a good time with it, but
    about half way through, some fans