Mosley has “Great” Official Visit

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Corey Mosley had a few questions about the University of Virginia football program heading into his official visit this past weekend. The 5-9, 190-pound standout DB/WR, a first-team all-Capital district selection on offense and defense in his senior season, says his questions were answered in what he called a “great” official visit experience.

“A lot of the questions I had were answered. I got a better overview of the school, the academics and athletics. It was great,” Mosley said. “I met all the coaches. They stressed how important I was to them. I was grateful for that. I sat down with Coach Bernstein and he talked about me playing defense. He said I hit like a safety and cover like a corner. I spent the majority of the time with him. He explained what they do on defense. It was great.”

Spending time with the players was also important.

“I got to meet a lot of the players,” Mosley said. “I got to meet Chris Long. He’s wild (laughs). He’s a big dude. I was waiting to meet him. My host was Jeffrey Fitzgerald, who everyone calls Fitz. I met Keith Payne and Mike Parker. They told us about the players standpoint. They love it academically and athletically. It’s the best of both worlds at UVa.”

The UVa coaches did not push for Mosley to commit.

“Coach Groh told me he didn’t want to stress me out about committing,” Mosley said. “He gave me tips on wherever I decide to go. He gave me a speech that pertained to football and off-the-field. He threw some knowledge at me, which was great, and it made me more comfortable. I’m very comfortable with the Virginia way. Coach Groh talked about that. The main thing he likes about me is my confidence. He said I embody all of what they are looking for.

“They haven’t pressured me at all. They just say they really want me on the team.”

Overall, Mosley says the visit “was a great time. It was a real great time. Athletically, there is no doubt about it. They were at a training point this year. They were rebuilding. It is a great school with great people around there. You look for others who have the same vision as you and I think Virginia has a vision to get better. There is a lot of potential there. It impressed me.”

Though UVa has the edge right now, Mosley is also considering offers from Tennessee and Virginia Tech. He has scheduled an official visit