2006 Boston College Game Analysis: Mental Mistakes Plague Hokies

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After showing promise in a tough home loss to Georgia Tech, the Hokies took
several steps backwards in a disappointing 22-3 loss at Boston College. Unlike
Georgia Tech, this was more than just a loss to a good football team. With the
outcome still in question, this was a loss characterized not only by
disappointing play, but also by a final quarter marred by lack of poise, poor
attitudes, and embarrassing behavior. There has been a lot written and said
already, so I will just say that the character, image and leadership on this
team again are in question. And to the extent those issues are dealt with will
go a long way in determining how the rest of the season plays out.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what happened on the field
Thursday night.

Too Many Mistakes

Opinions on schemes, play calling and personnel provide for on-going message
board debates, but in breaking down this game, two conclusions are clear. One,
the Hokies were beaten in the trenches on both sides of the ball and two, the
Hokies made far too many mistakes.

This team does not have the talent, or the depth, or the experience to
overcome a bevy of mistakes that included too many penalties, too many
turnovers, and too many missed assignments. This is especially true when the
other team has equal talent and plays a solid, fundamental, mistake-free
football game.

Some of the mistakes didn’t cost the Hokies, including David Clowney’s
first quarter fumble, or the dropped first quarter TD pass by BC receiver
Brandon Robinson when he got past Macho Harris in the end zone (by the way, that
was a major error by Harris. No receiver should ever get behind a corner in
3-deep coverage, especially on 4th and 18).

Unfortunately, a number of mistakes did cost the Hokies dearly. Let’s take
a look at a few of those is a little more detail:

  • On the second offensive series of the game, BC DT Ron Brace drove
    through Tech center Danny McGrath on first down, forcing McGrath so far into
    the backfield that he tripped Sean