ACC Roundtable

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TSL’s panel of, um, experts (it’s really hard to say that with a straight face) teamed up with a duo of experts (ditto) from to answer a handful of questions about the upcoming ACC football season. Read about our expectations for Reggie Ball, which coaches are on the hot seat, who’s going to win the ACC’s Coastal and Atlantic Divisions, and more. It’s a Hokie and Hoo perspective on the ACC.

Representing TSL: Will Stewart, Chris Coleman, and columnist “bourbonstreet.” Here for TheSabre: editor Kris Wright and poster QueenCityCav.

Is this the year that Georgia Tech’s Reggie Ball finally plays up to his potential?

WILL STEWART: Yes, I think so, depending upon what you think his “potential” is. I think the question is really, “Will he get rid of the maddening inconsistencies?” I think he will. Never count out the senior QB. Here’s a funny story: After Bryan Randall threw a hideous interception across his body for a touchdown in the 2004 WVU-VT game, I turned to the guy next to me in the stands and sighed, “I guess Randall will never be a good college quarterback. If he hasn’t done it now, he’s not going to.” That was the fifth game of that season, and in the last eight games, Randall was a different player. I think that Reggie Ball will likewise step up for the Jackets.

CHRIS COLEMAN: I’m not sure anyone knows what Ball’s potential truly is. He’s only 5-11, and less than 200 pounds, so he’s not a proto-typical quarterback. He’ll never be a drop-back passer who can see over the line and complete passes over the middle. I think he’ll throw less picks this year, but his completion percentage will never be much higher than 50 percent.

BOURBONSTREET: Yes. Ball cut his INT total from 18 to 12 in 2005, as well as decreasing his sack total by 18. Now he needs to work on his completion percentage. Georgia Tech will have one of the better ACC offensive lines this year as well. It returns five players with starting experience, and fields four upperclassmen. That should provide the necessary time in order for Ball to raise his completion percentage in 2006. Lastly, I am told that Ball has finally taken over some leadership duties on the