Practice Report: Scrimmage Standouts

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Sean Glennon was solid. He stats were somewhat skewed. One pass in the flat was dropped by Elan Lewis. It probably would have gone for seven or eight yards. One incompletion was an intentional throw away because the defense had the tailback screen well covered. He also completed one very nice pass over the middle throwing off his back foot, but the officials blew the play dead because there was a defender in the area and Glennon was wearing a yellow jersey.

Glennon was the only quarterback wearing a yellow jersey. Whitaker and Holt were allowed to go full speed and they could be tackled to the ground. That could be because Beamer knows who his starting quarterback will be, and he wants to protect him.

Whitaker looked very good for the most part going against the second and third team defenses. His deep pass to Luckett was very nice, and he can definitely run. That said, there were also a couple of disturbing plays for Whitaker during the scrimmage.

The first came as he was being wrapped up for a sack. Instead of simply taking the sack, Whitaker just flipped the ball high in the air over his shoulder. It was intentional grounding, it was nearly a backwards pass that would have been a fumble, and it could have been taken back for a touchdown. It was a bonehead play, and if Whitaker did anything earlier in the scrimmage to make Frank Beamer consider starting him, then he took it away on that one play.

Also, Whitaker’s deep ball seems to be hit or miss. He throws them very softly, and they can be easily caught by the defense when under thrown. At one point he had a wide open receiver running towards the end zone, but Whitaker badly under threw the pass and it was nearly intercepted. But overall, he looked pretty good for a r-freshman who missed half of spring practice.

Xavier Adibi was easily the best defender on the field on Saturday. His sideline to sideline speed is amazing. On a toss sweep to Elan Lewis, the play looked like it had some potential, but Adibi flew in from the middle of the defense, blowing by other defenders to make the tackle. It looked like he was shot out of a cannon. He had one other play where he shot up the middle and made a tackle for a five yard loss.

Not much to report about Kam Chancellor, except for the fact that he’s huge and he can really get off blocks when a wide receiver screen is thrown in his direction. I think he’s the future starting whip linebacker for the Hokies, maybe