Q&A with DE Mike Gee

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Rivals.com’s #11 weakside defensive end and Scout.com’s #27 defensive end prospect in the 2006 recruiting class, Dwight Morrow (Englewood, N.J.) product Mike Gee is another extremely talented defensive line recruit for Virginia Tech. Techsideline.com caught up with Gee, who measured in recently at 6-2, 248 pounds, for a Q&A session to discuss his high school career, his game and if he will be at Virginia Tech this fall.

Q&A with Mike Gee

TSL: What does it feel like to be a high school grad?

Mike Gee : It feels good. Everything’s finally over with. High school’s over. I feel like I finally finished school, but I start school all over again soon.

TSL: Have you definitely been admitted to Virginia Tech, or has there been an issue with your transcripts?

Mike Gee : It’s an issue where one of the high schools I went to has a policy that they don’t send out transcripts for half a year or something like that. I’m waiting for that whole situation to be cleared up and hopefully that goes through. If that goes through, then I’ll be straight. If not, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

TSL: If it doesn’t go through, would Hargrave Military Academy or another prep school be a possibility?

Mike Gee : It’s a possibility, but I’m not really sure how that’s all going to workout. We’re going to figure out what happens with the transcripts before figuring out that stuff.

TSL: Is there a possibility you would go to another college?

Mike Gee : That’s definitely not an option. I’m a Hokie. It’s not anything like that.

TSL: With what you have gone through throughout high school, it must seem like one thing after the other keeps popping up.

Mike Gee : It’s pretty tough, but I try to be as strong as I can. I’m just trying to go through this.

TSL: Are you waiting to hear anything from Virginia Tech’s end?

Mike Gee : Actually, they’re waiting on me because we’re trying to handle the situation up here at the school. As soon as Don Bosco gives me a definite