The Year in Tech Sports: 1984-85

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Every year here at TSL, in the late spring and early summer we like to run a multi-part, in-depth series that highlights Virginia Tech athletics and brings forth information that you won’t get anywhere else. We’ve also got a complete run of Hokie Huddlers (I refuse to call it hokiesportsthenewspaper) from 1984 to the present, a gold mine of memories just waiting to be plundered. Take those two facts and put them together, and you’ve got this year’s series: The Year in Sports. We start off with 1984-85.

During this series, we’ll be digging into our Hokie Huddler archives and
bringing up all sorts of history and facts. Since the Huddler will serve as our
main — and probably only — source of information, we’ll be making frequent
references to the Huddler, for which we’ll make no apologies.

The Huddler was launched in the spring of 1984, with a single issue that came
out at the end of the 1983-84 academic year (my freshman year at Tech). The
issue was Volume 1, Number 1, and it featured Bruce Smith on the cover. That was
the only issue in Volume 1. And that’s all I know about it, because I don’t have
a copy of it.

Here at the TSL office, however, we do have copies of Volume 2, Number 1
through the present day, give or take a few issues here and there. These days,
the Huddler produces 33 issues a year, but by missing Volume 1, we only missed
one issue.

The Huddler used to be an incredible source of information on Virginia Tech
athletics. These days, in the age of information overload, there’s very little
the Huddler can tell you, by the time it arrives in your mailbox, that you don’t
already know. Thanks to,, TSL, and 57 bazillion
other online information resources, the instant a Tech football player sneezes,
everyone’s shouting “Gezhunteit!” And by the time the Huddler arrives
in your mailbox later that week, the sneeze is old news.

Not in the old days. I can speak from experience. I lived in Charlottesville
in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and I can recall the excitement of going to
the mailbox on Huddler day. As you can imagine, VT sports info was beyond
scarce in Charlottesville, and the Huddler was like an oasis. I used to read it
front cover to back cover, and back to the front again. There was stuff in there