Draft Gives Tech Fans Something to Feel Good About

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A realization dawned on me yesterday as I watched a surprisingly active
TechSideline.com message board spin page after page in our busiest day
traffic-wise since February 2nd: Hokie fans have been waiting a long time for
something to feel good about, and this weekend’s draft results provided good
news in spades. For the first time since the 2004 season, Hokie football players
surprised Tech fans by “overachieving,” this time in the NFL Draft.

On February 1st, Signing Day, TSL rang up about 598,000 page views, and the
next day, the site totaled 351,840 page views. From that day (February 2nd)
until yesterday, TSL went over 300,000 page views just one time, when it
squeaked over at 302,000 on March 2nd. 300k page views in a day is not a big
deal for TSL, and the fact that the site didn’t top that mark a single time
during all of spring football, including the Monday after the spring game, is
something I’ve talked about in previous articles that indicates the guarded
feeling of the Tech fan base these days.

I’m not silly enough to believe that the TSL message boards are the be-all
and end-all of fan sentiment, but I find that the site traffic waxes and wanes
with Tech fans’ emotions.

past weekend brought lots of good news, and the site was hopping Monday, with
351,624 page views. We all knew Jimmy Williams, Darryl Tapp, et al would get
drafted, but most Tech observers, including me, didn’t expect guys like Justin
Hamilton, Jimmy Martin, Will Montgomery, or even Jeff King or Cedric Humes to
get picked. Certainly not all of them. It was the drafting of those
second-level and third-level guys that spurred Tech to a school record nine

While fun things happened in the last few rounds of the draft, Jimmy Williams
slid from the first round to the second, and Marcus Vick went unpicked. For
those who think that character should count, it was an affirmation that character does matter,