2006 ACC Tournament Notes

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The “showing” by VT fans in Greensboro was, to put it bluntly, embarrassing to Virginia Tech. Only Florida State, Miami, and Boston
College had weaker fan showings than the Hokies. First came the news that the Hokies failed to sell out their allotment of tickets, coming up
(according to one source) “200 to 300 short” of selling all their tickets.

Under their conference entry agreement, the Hokies (and Miami, and Boston College) received reduced ACC Tournament ticket shares their first two
years in the conference. Tech got 1/3rd the full allotment last year, and 2/3rd the full allotment this year. An internet search didn’t turn up an
exact figure for VT’s ticket allotment, but an article we found from NC
State’s web site
pegged a full 2006 share at about 2,050 tickets, which would put Tech’s allotment at about 1350-1400 tickets.

Despite this smaller share, and despite the proximity of Greensboro to major Hokie fan concentrations in Virginia and North Carolina, the fact that
Tech failed to sell through their allotment clearly points out that the fabled Virginia Tech fan base is a one-trick pony, with that trick being

Conditions will rarely be better for the Hokies to sell ACC tourney tickets. The venue was as close as it gets to Hokies in the states of Virginia
and North Carolina. Sure, one day Tech will win more games, and that always spurs ticket sales, but don’t let anyone ever pull the wool over your eyes
about VT’s great fan base. Tech fans are frontrunners, just like any other fans, and the Tech basketball program has been down so long that the VT fan
base as a whole doesn’t want to touch it with the proverbial ten-foot pole.

Lower-level Hokie Club members reported on TSL’s message boards that they never got the word that higher-level donors had failed to purchase all of
Tech’s allotment, leaving tickets available. VT also never announced to the general public that tickets remained, and it is assumed that the Hokies
just sent the extras back to Greensboro. (You would have to ask Jim Weaver about that.)

Even more embarrassing than returning tickets to Greensboro are the many non-Tech fans that took up most of the occupied seats in Virginia Tech’s
section of the Greensboro Coliseum Thursday night, indicating that many of the Tech fans that did buy tickets turned around and sold