On the Road: Matoaca

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Traveling around the state, I visited Matoaca High School in Chesterfield. I met with Warriors’ star wide receiver/safety Kris Burd as well as all-state running back Patrick Mills, two class of 2007 players who helped Matoaca capture the Division 5, Group AAA Central Region Championship last season.

Q&A with Kris Burd

Background: In 2005, Kris Burd made 44 receptions for 840 yards and five touchdowns but missed Matoaca’s state semifinal contest due to a broken collarbone. He earned Richmond Times-Dispatch first-team all-metro honors for his junior year performance at the wide receiver position. A productive safety, Burd led the team in tackles in 2005.

A two-sport athlete, Burd plays basketball in addition to football.

In person: Burd certainly looks 6-1, about 180 pounds, and looks like he should be able to add about 10-15 pounds more muscle. A laid back personality, Burd was intense about having a big senior year and coming back from his collarbone injury.

Techsideline.com: You landed significant accolades at the wide receiver position, but I hear you are pretty good on defense as well. Talk about your play on the defensive side of the ball.

Kris Burd: Last year I played outside linebacker and this year they moved me to safety because the safety left from last year. They just wanted me to make plays back there. That’s what I tried to do. I didn’t know I was leading the team in tackles, but that’s what it turned out to be.

Techsideline.com: How many tackles did you end up with?

Kris Burd: I have no clue. I think it was like 169 or something like that.

Techsideline.com: What is your height and weight right now?

Kris Burd: 6-1, 178. I’m trying to get to 190 before season starts.

Techsideline.com: What position are schools recruiting you to play?

Kris Burd: I know Maryland is just looking at me as an athlete like a wide receiver or defensive back…they don’t know for sure. UVa wanted me to play wide receiver and I don’t know about Virginia Tech.

Techsideline.com: As a wide receiver, what separates you from other wide receivers?

Kris Burd: Going up for the ball. If the ball’s in the air, nine times out of 10 I’m coming down with it. If not, nobody’s coming down with it. I just like going up for the ball, one on one.

Techsideline.com: What are