The Top Ten Plays of the 2005 Football Season

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The Hokies will start Spring Practice 2006 in less than three weeks (on
Wednesday, March 22nd), but before they do, let’s take a look back at the top
plays of the 2005 season. 2005 wasn’t packed with wall-to-wall drama and
season-altering plays like the 2004 season, but there were still many memorable
moments. Take a look at what we here in the TSL office voted as the Top Ten
Plays of 2005.

Last year, I selected the Top Ten plays (for 2004) by myself, using a rating
system that awarded a maximum of ten points in three categories. This year, with
Chris Coleman on board, we simplified things. Chris looked back on the season
and nominated 26 plays. Then he and I independently picked our own top ten
lists. The #1 play received 10 points, the #2 play received 9 points, etc., with
the #10 play receiving 1 point.

Chris and I combined the scoring from our two lists to come up with a
consolidated list of the Top Ten Plays for 2005. The highest score a play could
get was 20 points, if we both voted it #1, and the lowest score a play could get
was 1 point, if one of us ranked it #10 and the other didn’t rank it.

There was a wide variation in some of our picks. At the very top of the
scale, we agreed almost exactly, but in the middle, there were several plays
that made the top four in one of our lists, but which the other didn’t even
rank! It wound up for some odd scoring but some interesting discussion.

Nominated Plays That Didn’t Make the Top 10

  • Eddie Royal’s punt return against NC State
  • Josh Morgan’s