VT in the ACC: The 2006 Class

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Techsideline.com caught up with Dave Glenn, award-winning editor and lead writer for the ACC Area Sports Journal who has covered the ACC for more than 15 years, for a look not just into Virginia Tech’s 2006 football recruiting class but also into how the Atlantic Coast Conference shaped out. Glenn gives his impressions of VT’s 2006 effort as well as the winners and losers in the ACC.

Glenn’s overall impression of Virginia Tech’s 2006 football recruiting class…

I think it was disappointing in state for both the Hokies and the Cavaliers. Both schools did such a good job last year and in many other years I can think of in keeping the best players at home. And they just didn’t do that this year. That always hurts for any program in any state. We had one of the top 10 in Virginia going to the Hokies or the Cavaliers, and that was John Graves to the Hokies. From that perspective, it was disappointing for both schools. Overall, I think it’s a good class for Virginia Tech but not a great class. It’s a great sign when you can go to New Jersey and get one of the best players and go to Georgia and get one of the best players and Ohio. Those are very good football states and Virginia Tech had the name recognition to get the foot in the door and the closing ability to sign those kids over other big-time programs. That’s something Virginia Tech did to a greater degree than anyone besides Florida State, Miami and Clemson and probably on the same level as North Carolina. So that’s an accomplishment. Jason Adjepong out of New Jersey was an in demand player, Ajiboye was an in demand player, Aaron Brown was an in demand player and Graves right there in Richmond was an in demand player. And you can’t forget about a re-sign named Todd Nolen, who as a senior in high school was an in demand player.

So overall there’s much more good than bad for the Hokies.

Which players impressed him the most…

Can I take a whole position? I don’t think you can recruit defensive ends much better than Virginia Tech recruited defensive ends. Adjepong, Mike Gee, John Graves…that’s a pretty amazing trio right there. And we know how they do it. They have the tradition of sending defensive ends to the NFL and they beat that drum on the recruiting trail. They have a scheme under Bud Foster that they sell as giving opportunities to defensive ends to make plays and we know they included that as part of their sales pitch. So it’s an easy sales pitch at