2006 Recruiting Grades: The Offense

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(Editor’s Note: This article is a collaborative effort. Chris Coleman
generated the depth charts and wrote the majority of the article; Will Stewart
added some thoughts and clarifications, plus wrote the final conclusions; Chris
and Will worked together to assign the grades.)

There have been mixed reviews from fans on Virginia Tech’s 2006 football
recruiting class. The Hokies were in on a lot of high-caliber prospects but
failed to close the deal on the majority of them. But at the same time, Tech
signed some good players, and on paper this appears to be a typical Hokie
recruiting class. We’re back again with an article that always stirs up message
board discussion, our grades for the recruiting class. We’ll grade each position, then assign overall grades to the offensive and defensive recruiting classes. This article concentrates on the offense.

The correct way to evaluate a recruiting class is to
determine the positions of need, how many players the coaching staff wanted to
sign for a particular position, how many they actually signed there, and how
highly rated those recruits were. Let’s take a look at the 2006 offensive
recruiting class and determine what grade each position should receive.

A note about grading: All players have potential, and sleepers often go on to
be NFL draft picks. But for purposes of this article, we’re not going to grade
prospects on how much the VT coaching staff is rumored to like them, or whether
or not they’re great kids, or how strong they are, or how fast they are. We’re
going to grade them (partially) on how highly-rated they are: how many stars
they are, where they rank in their state, and where they rank nationally at
their position. That’s the best data we have to go on right now, and that’s what
we’ll use.

All star ratings, rankings, etc. used in this article are from Rivals.com.

The Offensive Backfield

2006 Offensive Backfield Depth Chart
Maroon = Senior; Orange =
; Blue = Sophomore;