Q&A Session: DL Budd Thacker

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Doug “Budd” Thacker committed to Virginia Tech yesterday, becoming the 11th verbal commitment for the 2006 recruiting class. Techsideline.com caught up with the 6-2, 250-pound Seminole (Sanford, FL) star last night to discuss his decision, what position Virginia Tech may be recruiting him to play and more.

Thacker boasts impressive physical credentials, which he displayed earlier this year at the Nike Camp in Miami. There, he ran a 4.19 shuttle and benched 185 pounds 45 times. Both marks were tops among defensive ends at the camp. Quickness and strength are two of the top reasons why Thacker had received offers from Maryland, South Florida, Wake Forest, West Virginia and, of course, Virginia Tech.

“I think some of the things I told you about last week,” Seminole head coach Mick Harris replied when asked what Coach Jim Cavanaugh said Virginia Tech’s staff liked the most about Budd. “His strength and they were impressed with his hands. They feel he uses his hands well in the actual playing of the game. Obviously, his strength is another thing. Budd and his teammate, Trevis Hodges, both won the bench press competition at their positions down at the Nike Camp in Miami this year. Coach Cavanaugh felt Budd had room to grow and get some extra weight on. That’s basically what he talked about.”

Q&A with Budd Thacker

TSL: Talk about why you chose Virginia Tech.

Budd Thacker: Well, when I went up there they treated me very well. I loved the fans. My Dad graduated from there in 1976. He was the team captain there. I love that whole ‘Enter Sandman’ thing. I loved that, man. That caught my attention.

TSL: Was Virginia Tech a program you followed throughout your life?

Budd Thacker: For most of my life I followed the Florida schools. I didn’t start following Virginia Tech until maybe two or three years ago. My Dad started getting back into ‘em when Michael Vick came around. When he started getting back into ‘em, I’m like, well heck, this is a good team right here. Now, I’m going there.

TSL: Did you meet Michael Vick at Thursday’s game?

Budd Thacker: Yes, sir. I got to meet him. He said to come join the family.

TSL: You mentioned you were treated well. What were some examples of this?

Budd Thacker: About a few hours before the game, I got to go up there and I got to meet Cornell Brown, Nathaniel Adibi, and I got to sit down with