Whitmore Favoring Two?

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For the second straight year, Oscar Smith (Chesapeake, VA) head coach Richard Morgan boasts one of the top recruits in the country. And for the second straight year it looks like the decision will come closer to Signing Day, with Virginia Tech being one of the top teams in contention.

“He’s not really taking any official visits until after the season,” Morgan said of 6-4, 250-pound defensive end Brian Whitmore , who is Techsideline.com’s #8 overall recruit in the state. “He’s going to the [Virginia Tech]/Miami game next month. He’s pretty much looking at Tech and Miami, with North Carolina and Maryland still in there too. Florida and Tennessee and others like that have offered, but I think he feels more comfortable with those other schools right now.”

Morgan expects his star to make at least a few official visits.

“I’m pretty sure he’ll take ’em,” Morgan said. “You can’t really experience a school just by going to a game. And I think his parents want him to do that too. He maybe won’t take all five visits, but he’ll take some. He just wants to play for the best program he can and he wants to play early.”

Whitmore is one of the important parts to Oscar Smith’s 2005 squad. He plays offensive tackle and defensive end and excels at both, using his speed and strength to wreak havoc on opponents.

“He’s having a great year,” Morgan said of Whitmore. “Now that we’ve played some District games, he’s really starting to dominate on defense. He had a great game against Deep Creek last week (Oscar Smith won 24-21). He had a couple of sacks, he had good penetration and he helped stop the running plays. We made adjustments to free him up. It was a defensive battle and a good game.”

Morgan’s squad is now 8-0 on the year heading into the final two weeks. An undefeated season could give Oscar Smith the overall #1 seed in the playoffs.

“A lot of guys have filled in spots and are playing better than last year,” Morgan said of his team.


Is distance a factor for Whitmore?

“Distance or travel is not a big deal to Brian,” Morgan said. “Now I’m sure his parents may want him staying closer to home, but he doesn’t have a problem with it.”