Practice Report: The Season Looms

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The Hokie football team has just a few more days of practice left before they finalize their depth chart and start
game week preparation for NC State. Our insiders tell us that Marcus Vick is ironing out the kinks in his formidable
game, Jimmy Williams is flashing the ability that makes him the best cornerback in the country, and Nic Schmitt is
finally hitting his groove.

Vick looked very sharp and in command in the two minute drill,” our source said. “He was
getting the receivers set and up to the line of scrimmage efficiently. He was fitting the ball in tight spaces and moved
the ball down the field. I believe the offense scored a touchdown with about 5 seconds to go on the clock. I don’t think
you could ask for better results in a two minute drill.

“The quarterbacks had a good day in one on one drills, I thought. In this drill, there is one wideout and one
DB. The quarterbacks were very accurate. This is a tough drill for the defensive backs. Jimmy Williams is about
the only guy who can lock anyone down.

Chris Clifton is back with the team at wide receiver, and he looked good in this drill. Chris is big,
quick and strong. He was getting off the line of scrimmage well. I wonder what would have happened with his career if he
had caught that pass at the 15 yard line against USC. I don’t think he would have sat on the bench for the rest of the
season, and maybe Justin Harper would have redshirted. We’ll never know.”

Watching these passing drills made our observer realize the extent of Jimmy Williams’ talent. When Jim Cavanaugh
signed Williams out of Bethel High in Hampton back in 2002, Cavanaugh pooh-poohed recruiting rankings, as he always
does, and held Williams up as a prime example of how wrong rankings can be. Williams wasn’t ranked in-state by Doug
Doughty until Doughty released his postseason
rankings that