“The State of the Program” Revisited

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Last year at this time, Tech fans were anxiously counting down the days to
the BCA Classic against USC. But at the same time, they were very uncertain
about what the season would bring. Many didn’t expect much, believing that the
Hokies would finish 7-5 or 8-4 and get a decent, but not great bowl invitation.
Many were wondering about the future of the program as well, and if the best
days were in the past. What a difference a year makes.

admit I was having similar thoughts. I didn’t think that VT was falling to the
bottom of the college football world or anything, but I wasn’t expecting
anymore BCS bids, or even Gator Bowl bids, for quite awhile. I questioned Frank
Beamer and Company’s ability to adapt, and I didn’t think Bryan Randall was
a very good quarterback. I was also concerned about the front seven, as they
lost a lot of players and were replacing them with unproven backups and

That’s all changed this August, and I must admit the main question that
creeps into my head is what team stands a greater than 40% chance of beating the
Hokies? If you were forced to bet on each individual game this season, would you
honestly pick anyone to beat Tech? VT will probably drop a game, maybe two, this
season, but looking at the matchups individually, VT should be favored at this
point in every one.

Following the 2003 season, when the program was at its low point, everyone
was quick to pick on VT. Likewise, going into 2005 we must give credit where
credit is due. Frank Beamer has turned it around when many thought he would not.
While the 2005 Hokies will be heaped with praise during the preseason, and
rightfully so, we must temper our enthusiasm and remember the things that could
happen rather than what should happen.

And that brings us to the State of the Program. From December 2003-April
2004, Will Stewart wrote a series of articles called The
State of the Program
(part 7 is linked, and it contains links to parts 1-6)
that went over everything about