Practice Report: Humming Right Along

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Today’s practice report is provided by two of our insiders. The Hokies had (stop me if you’ve heard this one) another
good practice, and we’ve got some observations on the quarterbacks, thoughts on Cary Wade at rover, and info on Jonathan
Lewis and Sergio Render.

"Once again, I thought that VT really had a good practice again," observer #1 told us. "I don’t want
to sound like a homer, but these guys are focused. Bill Roth said it on the radio today [on Greg Burton’s show "The
Drive" in Richmond], and I’ll say it again, no VT team that I have seen has ever run off this many good practices
in a row."

Quarterbacks: We are told that the quarterback play, on the whole, was good again Thursday. Marcus Vick looks
blazing fast on his rollouts. "And as fast as he looks, Chris Ellis can keep up with him. Ellis is a beast, and
will start this year." (For the record, Ellis is listed as co-#1 at the Stud defensive end position with Noland

Sean Glennon is still #2 at quarterback, but is being pushed by Cory Holt. Glennon in general practices well, but he
"always has two or three plays that he’d love to have back. He threw a pick into coverage today, and almost threw
another on a corner route. He also had a perfectly thrown deep ball for a TD. It was a thing of beauty."

Cory Holt is improved, we are told, and is not throwing into coverage very often at all. The battle for backup behind
Marcus Vick is going to be close.

Ike Whitaker is getting good reviews thus far in practice. "It’s not that I don’t like Boone. He’s injured, so
he has gotten zero reps, although he did throw in one QB drill the other day, and was very wild with his passes. He
deserves a shot this spring, but honestly I don’t see any way that he can beat out Ike. Ike will likely put him in his
rear view mirror in the coming weeks because he will get all the reps with