Scouting Report: AD Vassallo

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(Editor’s Note: From a message board post by Rev. Zeke Vodka, edited for clarity and grammar.)

A.D. is a great pickup for the Hokies. His name is actually Angel Daniel Vassallo Colon. Later on, when his name appeared in print in the newspapers a little locally, I noticed the Colon had been dropped and he said that people had done that on their own and he didn’t want to make waves and insist on his full name.

Very humble kid, an outstanding shooter and scorer. He played very little on the AAU circuit because he went home after his high school season and spent the summer in Puerto Rico. In fact, two summers ago, prior to his senior season, he made his native National team. He was on the Puerto Rican National touring 19-and-under team, when he was a 17 year old or just about to turn 17, quite an accomplishment.

A.D. is very smooth, glides around the court and makes things look easy and effortless. He has excellent range, his body has filled out significantly and gotten much stronger these past couple of years, and he is a big time pickup for Tech. He played for a non-descript high school team in Hurt, Virginia that got little national notice, wasn’t on the AAU circuit because he was always in Puerto Rico during that time, and there were many national scouts that had never seen him play until this past fall when he arrived at Hargrave Military.

His name isn’t one that rolls off a lot of peoples’ lips because of that, but had he stayed in the U.S. and played each summer and spring with an AAU team, my guess is he would have been a consensus top 75 type kid in his class.

A.D. is a wing player, not really capable of guarding twos night in and night out at the ACC level, instead matching up defensively much better with threes. He replaces a lot of what the Hokies lost in Carlos. He’s a big time shooter and can score in bunches. One of the things he lacks is quickness and foot speed, being only average in those areas. But, he can drive it reasonably well to the hole and is an unselfish player who passes the ball well and will be a solid handler at the 3 position. He will get on the glass and is a good rebounder who can take it off the glass and start the break himself for the first few dribbles.

A.D. has a fierce inner drive to excel and get better and play at the highest level, traits that will
give him a chance to be a fine college player in my opinion. He is going to make it more difficult for teams to play zone against the Hokies consistently, especially if VT adds one