A Gym Rat’s Notebook: Gearing Up for Next Year

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The most bothersome aspect of March basketball is the suddenness with which
your season can end, especially if your last game was one that you would love to
repeat, so as to wipe away the bad taste in your mouth. That is surely the case
after the Memphis Tigers abruptly ended the 2004-05 season for Virginia Tech,
but not before energizing fans with promise that sunnier days are ahead.

While fans, players and coaches have all kept Listerine bottles handy in the
past week to eliminate the unpleasant taste of a 21-point loss to Memphis in the
second round of the NIT, the next stage of Year Two in the Greenberg era is
thrust upon us, more quickly than all of us wanted.

Deron Washington and his
Hokie teammates hope to be flying high again in 2005-06 … and the fans
will expect them to.

While this second edition of Greenberg has been an unqualified step forward,
there is still much left to be done on this reclamation project, starting with
finding the very best player to take the one remaining scholarship that
Greenberg has to use this spring. That player might be a junior college post
prospect. He could end up being one of the remaining few high school front court
prospects. He might even be a front court player from a foreign country whose
name we won’t immediately be able to pronounce or spell.

It is even possible that this next Virginia Tech player won’t even be a
front court player at all. And, with all of the movement in college basketball,
can we totally eliminate a potential transfer donning the orange-and-maroon next
year? Probably not.