Sometimes You’re the Windshield … Sometimes You’re the Bug

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It’s hard not to get caught up in the game-by-game goings on with the Hokie
men’s basketball team, but the simple truth is, their out-of-sync,
never-in-the-game effort against NC State Saturday wasn’t indicative of any
program-wide malaise … it was just a reflection of life in the ACC, where you
never know what’s going to happen when two teams take the floor.

Are the Hokies
clutching their shorts, gassed,
done for the season? The Magic 8-ball says
"Check again later."

There can be no doubt that the Hokies weren’t ready to play Saturday evening.
They were unsure on offense, lacked energy on defense, and took themselves out
of the game early when the Wolfpack hung a 17-0 run on Tech and took a 17-4
lead. It was a critical game for the Hokies – all of them are, at this point
– but it was a critical game for NC State too, and the Wolfpack responded.
Tech didn’t.

Them’s the breaks. One day after I watched the Hokie men get mauled, I made
my way to Cassell Coliseum Sunday to catch the Hokie women, who pulled a whack
job on Miami that makes what NC State did to Tech’s men look tame by comparison.

You want a team that wasn’t ready to play? Miami’s women weren’t ready to
play. They had beaten the Hokies four straight times coming into Sunday’s
contest, but once the opening whistle blew, they ran into a Virginia Tech buzz
saw, and four games of bad mojo all