A Gym Rat’s Notebook: The New Word of the Day

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The best thing about being a pack rat is that if you display patience and an even temperament, then those items that
you’ve stored away might again be relevant at some point in time. You know those pack rat people. The ones who simply
cannot stand to ever throw anything away, lest they have some uncertain future need for it. Those same people who keep
everything from their past crated away in boxes, under lock and key in their basement or attic. Well, the time has come
to throw off the dust and uncover a few items from ten years or so ago and see what usefulness they might have here in
the next three weeks.

After a splendid week of basketball that saw the Virginia Tech program pull off an upset at home against #7 Duke on
Thursday, followed by a crucial home victory on Saturday against Miami, it is time to start getting out long ago
instruments and utensils that will help make some sense of a season that stopped doing so a month ago.

How often do you see a Duke basketball team whipped at its own game? We witnessed that on Thursday in Cassell
Coliseum, when the Hokies out-scrapped and out-hustled Duke and thoroughly dismantled the Blue Devils on the boards by
the tune of 17 rebounds, while withstanding two last-second three point attempts by the Blue Devils.

Virginia Tech out-rebounded Duke by 17? Let me get this straight, they out-rebounded the Duke men’s
team by 17? And this wasn’t a Sega video game?

Yes, we witnessed that and because of that, the season has taken a definite uptick. The fortunes have changed since
last weekend at this time, when the team was reeling from three consecutive losses and seemed hardly poised to be in the
frame of mind necessary to take down Duke.

It was only 44 hours after the Duke game that the Hokies took the floor for a game that had all the makings of a
"trap" game. Would Tech respond so quickly after one of the biggest victories for the program in quite some
time? Would the Hokies