2005 Recruiting Grades: The Defense

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seems that a number of subscribers had some issues with part 1, which graded the offensive recruiting. Most readers
understandably want to see higher grades. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased with the way I view this defensive
recruiting class, which is deep and talented at almost every part of the defense.

I’ll admit that I thought a little harder this time around and tried to be more consistent with my grading. As with
the offensive grading article, I attempted to project needs, then evaluate how those needs were met. This type of
analysis assumes that all players will stay in the program and develop to their recruiting potential, which is of course
silly. Developing 85 football players is like herding cats: some of them will go in the direction you want, but many
will not, and you’ll lose a few.

It’s an interesting exercise nonetheless, and the fun thing about doing these articles is that it really brings you
up to speed on the roster as a whole, and where the strengths and weaknesses of the team are.

We’ll start with the guys up front.

The Defensive Line

2005 Defensive Line Depth Chart

Maroon = Senior; Orange=Junior;
Green=Freshman; Black=2005

Defensive End

Defensive Tackle

Nose Guard