2005 Recruiting Grades: The Offense

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You know what I can’t stand? I can’t stand it when someone writes something like, "The Hokies graduated three
defensive backs this year, so they were looking for DB help in their 2005 recruiting class." No, you twerp, if
three DBs were slated to graduate after the 2004 season, the help was needed earlier than the 2005 recruiting
class. I promise not to make dopey statements like that in this article, but other than that I make no promises about
this, my attempt to grade the recruiting for the Hokie offense.

When evaluating a recruiting class, you have to do two things:

  1. Project needs based on the current roster; and
  2. Evaluate how those needs were met, based on quantity and recruiting rankings of the guys who were signed.

That’s all we have to go on. Players will disappear from the current roster due to attrition, some of the low-rated
recruits will go on to be NFL draftees, and some four- and even five-star guys will be total flameouts. We can’t predict
any of that with certainty. All we can do is project needs and count recruiting stars to see if those needs were met.

That ends the tidy little disclaimer portion of our article. Now let’s get on to evaluating how the Hokies did in
recruiting, starting in this article with the offense.

In the following article, we make a lot of assumptions about 2005 positions and depth chart status for a lot of
players currently in the VT football program. The depth charts listed here aren’t the final word, of course. New depth
charts will be issued in the spring and will change throughout spring practice. Then they’ll morph even more as the
inevitable attrition in the program occurs and fall practice starts. For now, this is our best shot at the 2005 depth

Offensive Backfield (QB, TB, FB)

2005 Offensive Backfield Depth Chart
Maroon = Senior; Orange=Junior; Purple=Sophomore;