Another Signing Day Has Come and Gone

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Silly Season of college football is completed for another year. Coaches praise
their classes, recruiting junkies weauxf about the perceived high quality of
their school’s class or despair about the lack thereof, and those who provide
so-called insider information on the destinations of who they determine to be
the top prospects quickly move on to rating the next class in the hopes that
people will continue shelling out bucks to access it. And, best of all, in these
days of instant information, people will only have to wait a mere 2-3 years to
find out exactly how good was their school’s recruiting class.

By the accounts of pretty much everybody, Virginia Tech had a pretty good
class. Certainly Frank Beamer said so in public. Of course, Frank’s
description of his recruiting classes never varies a word from how he describes
each and every new crop of Tech football freshmen. Whether he and his staff have
brought in a large number of players with a large number of stars affixed to
their names by the recruiting services, or a bunch of guys who would be better
suited manning the Hokie Club parking lots on game day — and he has brought in
classes of both — Frank always praises them as a fine group who will make
wonderful additions to the Tech football program.

Frank is certainly not alone in his positive descriptions of a new recruiting
class. All other coaches do it, too. A coach might remark to his staff in
private, “Boy, we’re in big trouble now” and immediately contact friends
at other schools encouraging them to keep him in mind in the event of staff
openings, or begin to think about entry-level positions in the rent-to-own
industry, but he never says so in any media. I have never once heard or read of
a coach saying of his new recruits, “This is the worst bunch of stiffs ever
accumulated in the history of football.”

I certainly do not recall Paul Pasqualoni four years ago describing his
Syracuse class as “This is the group that will get me fired.” Very rare is
the coach with the honesty of an East