Taylor Sees Game Evolve

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Hyman Taylor has been a perimeter player for most of his life, only recently seeing both his game and physical stature take on a different role. That change was a rather unusual one, but Taylor is adapting to his evolved status.

“I was about 5’9”, maybe 6’0” tall just a year or so ago and then I grew to 6’8” by this summer,” Taylor told TechSideline.com, explaining his rather substantial growth spurt. ”Then over the summer, I grew again to 6’9” and that’s where I am now.”

Last season as a junior at Cardinal Gibbons HS in Ft. Lauderdale FL, Taylor, who weighs about 210, averaged 15 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks, so his game has seemingly adapted to his new digs inside.

“I guess it has been both good and bad. I have better stamina now, I am bigger and better than before in the post and I think it will help me get a scholarship,” Taylor said, explaining how the growth spurt has affected his game. “The bad outcome is that I am no longer a guard.”

Regardless of that factor, Taylor understands that he is now a player who will get increased scrutiny on the floor and off.

“I think that I am still a work in progress inside, especially with my back-to-the-basket game. I know I need to get a handle on being a better post player,” Taylor continued. “This past summer when I played AAU ball, it was really the first time that I have played as a big man and sometimes I was the only big man on the team. That’s something I have to get used to.”

One thing though that Taylor has quickly learned, is that he knows what his new positional responsibilities involve. He is almost giddy about offering what he wants to bring to the table.

“I still need to get stronger so that I can dominate inside and I want to be the best post player in the state,” said Taylor. “But this summer showed me that I can do the kinds of things that colleges want to see, like blocking shots, rebounding and dunking.

“This change (growth spurt) is helping me be a better post player and I think I was able to show coaches this summer that I can do what I am suppose to do inside.”

As far as Taylor’s recruitment, he is talking about two schools only, those being Auburn and Virginia Tech. Taylor, who will visit Blacksburg Thursday, definitely leaves the impression that the Hokies are in the lead.

“Right now I like Virginia Tech and Auburn and I would say that Virginia Tech is definitely my leading school,” Taylor offered. “They (Virginia Tech) have a real good program going into the ACC, I love the coaches and