Hall to Hargrave

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Robinson (Fairfax, VA) OLB Olu Hall , one of the top recruits in UVa’s 2004 class, will attend Hargrave Military Academy this fall. According to Robinson Head Coach Mark Bendorf, Hall came extremely close to meeting qualification standards.

“Well, it’s not as if this was a big shock,” Bendorf said. “The UVa coaches and myself were on top of the situation. We laid out exactly what Olu needed to do, and he fell agonizingly close. If he had done a little better one way or the other he would have made it. He worked hard to do it.”

Hall, who will star in the VHSCA All Star game tomorrow night, remains positive about the situation according to Bendorf.

“I’m sure he’s disappointed he’s not going to be at Virginia this year, but he’s taking it in stride,” Bendorf said. “He’s not the kind of kid to get too down when something like this happens. And UVa’s coaches have a lot of experience with this. I mean, Darryl Blackstock, Ahmad Brooks, and Keenan Carter all went to prep school.”

Bendorf feels Hall will be able to benefit from the Hargrave experience.

“I think, without question, the added academic structure and disciplined lifestyle is excellent for anybody to experience,” Bendorf said. “And also he’ll have another year to mature physically without using up any eligibility. I mean he’s gotta do the work, but I think he will and it will be a good experience for him.”

Hall remains very much committed to UVa, although Bendorf is not sure if his former star will enroll at UVa in January of 2005 or after a full year at Hargrave.

“His intention is still to attend UVa after Hargrave is over,” Bendorf said. “I guess Ahmad Brooks did a half a year last year, but I’m not sure what Olu will do. Typically, prep schools like for their players to go for a full year. I haven’t had a conversation with Olu or the Hargrave people about what he will do.”