Top Target: Josh Briscoe

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The January 2003 Army All-American Bowl Combine was both an exciting and eye-opening experience for Burns High School (Lawndale, NC) wide receiver Josh Briscoe . The Army Combine helped him realized what he needed to do to make himself a better player on the high school and subsequently the college level – add muscle to his 6-3, 175 pound frame.

“He went to the Army Combine in San Antonio, Texas, and he basically realized that what we told him was true…he realized he would have to improve his body strength,” Burns Head Football Coach Ron Green said. “He knows he needs to get stronger in the weight room. He is doing a good job of filling out right now. His upper body is progressing but his lower body isn’t progressing much because of his injury. He benches 235 pounds and is moving towards 240 pounds. Once he can concentrate on his lower body and get stronger there, then he’s really going to be a fast one.”

Briscoe has worked hard on the weights since the Army Combine. He has improved his strength in several areas, notably the bench press and incline exercises. He plans on continuing his diligent work-out effort through the summer and into his senior season.

“It was a great experience,” Briscoe said of the All-American Bowl Combine. “I had a chance to see what I had to work on. I saw there is a lot of talent out there and that I needed to work hard to get stronger. Since December, I’ve done a lot of individual strengthening and that has helped. My bench press has gone up 40 pounds. My incline has gone up 30 pounds. I have to continue to be real dedicated. I still have a lot of improving to do. I’m going to work hard this summer.”

Strength may be one of the only areas Briscoe truly needs to develop. Extremely productive, he dominated as a sophomore and fought thru many double teams to have a solid junior season. This year, Coach Green is looking forward to finding creative ways to get his big play man the ball.

“As a sophomore, he was a big touchdown scorer for us,” Green said. “He had 43 receptions for 1,139 yards and 19 touchdowns that year. He drew a tremendous amount of attention last year, so he was more of a possession receiver. Last year, he caught 44 passes for 728 yards and seven touchdowns. This year, we’re going to find different ways to put the ball in his hands.”

Briscoe’s top quality may be his excellent speed. He has the speed to become a top-flight college player on the Division I-A level, and he combines this