Will Sintim Visit VT?

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Gar-Field High School (Woodbridge, VA) defensive end/outside linebacker prospect Clint Sintim was supposed to find out earlier today if he would be cleared to make an official visit to Virginia Tech this weekend. He did not get a definitive indication from his doctor earlier today, and will have to wait until tomorrow for the final answer.

“My doctor said he’d have to think about it, so he’s going to get back to me tomorrow,” Sintim said. “If he clears me, I’ll probably go. If I don’t, I do think I could make a comparison between the two because I’ve already seen both places.”

Sintim was all set to visit Virginia Tech before suffering a broken leg while playing in a varsity basketball game. Both the Cavaliers and Hokies were able to make in-home visits with Sintim over the past few days, and it appears both experiences went well.

“They both were good,” Sintim said. Virginia Tech was in-home last night while UVa came in tonight. “They were both pretty much the same, telling me about the programs and where I’d fit into each of them. Last night, Virginia Tech went fine. Everything was nice about it. They were telling me how the visit is going to be, and they had a chance to talk to my family.

“Virginia was in-home today, and the visit went fine. They gave me statistics on graduation rates, specifically African-American graduation rates, which was good.”

At this point, the 6-3, 240 pound prospect says he favors UVa, but only by a slight margin. He wants to seriously consider both schools in the coming days, and is not sure when he will have a decision.

“I would say UVa has a slight lead, but that’s mainly because I’ve been to UVa so many times,” Sintim said. “I’m just trying to think hard about both schools, so I can be strong about my decision.“

When asked what the final factors will be, Sintim stated that his father will have an influence on his choice.

“Basically, wherever my father and me decide is best for me is where I’ll go,” Sintim said. “He’s going to tell me what he thinks, and I’ll tell him what I think and we’ll go from there.”

UVa is recruiting Sintim as an outside linebacker while Virginia Tech likes him as a defensive end. Sintim said “the position I play will not be much of a factor” in his final decision.