Mayo to Start Narrowing List

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Kecoughtan (Hampton, VA) linebacker Jerod Mayo returned from his fifth and final official visit today, which was to Virginia Tech. The visit exceeded what his expectations were heading into the weekend.

“It was real nice,” Mayo said. “It wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t expect Virginia Tech to be as much fun as it was. I mean, I visited there during the summer time, but I didn’t get a chance to experience the whole atmosphere. I thought it would be just Blacksburg and the College, but there was actually a lot more to do there. And I know a lot of guys who are from this area that go there. I knew a lot of people there.”

Mayo will now take the week to narrow his list of schools to three. He will make a decision among the final three, possibly by the day before Signing Day.

“After this week, I’ll be down to three,” Mayo said. “I’ll probably have a decision either the following Tuesday or the following Wednesday. I was going to have a press conference, but I don’t feel like I’ll even deal with that. I’ll just tell the coaches of my choice.”

Of his final four, it appears two schools are very likely to make the final three while the third school may be in question.

“I do like Tennessee and Virginia Tech a lot,” Mayo said. “They will probably be there. I still like NC State and Virginia also. Purdue is the only one that’s officially out. I would say those are my top four.”

UVA, the school that likely led before the official visits began, may have come down the list in the past month or so. Mayo has stated that UVA’s visit was not as good as some of the others he has made. He addressed UVA’s standing at this point.

“UVA is not really falling off, it’s just that other teams are rising up,” Mayo said when asked if UVA had come down on his list. “I don’t want to say I had a bad time on my visit, but it just wasn’t the best visit. It snowed there and I really couldn’t do much. Also, I think I had such a good time on my NC State visit that my expectations may have been too high.”

Of the programs he has visited, Mayo indicates that he felt most comfortable with Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

“I felt comfortable at Tennessee, but Tech has some really nice people there,” Mayo said. “I felt comfortable there also. I felt the most comfortable at Tennessee and Virginia Tech. NC State was pretty good too. UVA and Purdue were not that comfortable for me, but I